Comprehensive production


Our design solutions are far innovative and make possible to implement challenging applications. High design level with best quality enables long lifetime of our moulds, and their high availability ensures smooth output of plastic products. 

We use the Top Solid and the Siemens NX system. If necessary, we can also carry out product assessment and provide mould filling analysis prepared by our partners. Our mould deliveries include complete documentation with 2D/3D -files.



The entire manufacturing chain of tool parts is based on 3D models programmed for CNC machine tools. 

High standard of five-axis toolpath programming is one of our strengths. This helps us to cope with challenging shapes enough efficiently to come along with the competition in the field of mould making. Mastercam software is used for toolpath programming. 



Oitti Tools strives to manufacture all mould parts engaging 5-axis multifunction machining centres to avoid extra operations of component settings. Our success is based on 5-axis milling. The parts of tools are manufactured efficiently with guaranteed compatibility and accuracy in size.

We use in our production shop the range of 5-axis machines with movement up to x1250 y1000 z1000 mm, and the work piece weighs up to 2500 kg.

NEW: Oitti Tools is investing into new modern milling machine DMC 85 monoBlock, manufactured by DMG MORI. The machine is equipped with RS3 pallet changer and will significantly enhance our productivity. The machine will be allocated to our factory in December 2019.  



Wire cutting is one of the most accurate methods of steel machining. The method achieves an accuracy of less than 0.005 mm and a surface quality of 0.1Ra-0.6Ra.

Our wire cutting machines reach a cutting height of 400-600 mm. With CAD programming, wire cutting allows you to make even the most demanding pieces.

We use Agie spark eroders and wire saws in our production.




Polishing the surfaces of moulds is one of our long-term strengths. We are able to polish pieces to SPI-SPE A1 grade. Our experienced industrial mould professionals work on our assembly team. The assembling and polishing of moulds are performed on turnkey -basis.




Oitti Tools ensures quality of manufactured parts by dimension control on an ongoing basis. In quality assurance, we use the latest 3D measurement technology. The programs are based on the 3D model of the part, and the model is compared to the part being controlled. Our customers receive a measurement report; our measurement accuracy is 0.001-0.002 mm.



Tool factory

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