Tool manufacturing

We are a supplier of versatile specialty tools and life cycle services, valued by our customers.

We produce a comprehensive manufacturing service that covers product design, mould manufacturing with test casting. If necessary, we make plastic product series according to customer needs.

We design and manufacture various moulds and tools at our factory:

  • Injection moulds
  • Blow moulds
  • Compression moulds
  • Pressure forming tools
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Pipe bending tools

The impression that we are a manufacturer of large tools is not exactly true, as we mainly make small or medium sized moulds. Surely our versatile machine base enables the manufacture of large, up to x1250 y1000 z1000 mould parts. 

The largest mould made in our factory weighed 7000 kg. The mould with highest number of cavities, which has been manufactured in Oitti for Russian customer, had 52 cavities, and its cycle time was 6 seconds.

Tool factory

Mestarintie 7, 12100 Oitti, FINLAND
Phone. +35844 078 6700